Weekly vs. Monthly Maid Service: Which Is Better?

Weekly vs. Monthly Maid Service: Which Is Better?

The average American spends one full day a month cleaning and doing housework.

If you’re tired of sweeping and mopping or you simply don’t have that kind of time to spare, hiring a professional house cleaning service to do the dirty work for you is a smart move. But how often should a maid come to clean?

While some people prefer a monthly maid service, others favor the regularity of a weekly maid service. So which is it to be? Let’s take a look at these different cleaning frequency options to help you decide the best choice for you!

Monthly Maid Service: Advantages

Some people find that a monthly maid service offers them the perfect fit for their lifestyle. Here are some advantages of hiring a maid service on a monthly basis:

More Affordable 

Since the maid would be completing fewer hours of cleaning, the cost of a monthly maid service is lower than a weekly service. If you need help professional house cleaning help but can’t afford a weekly maid, a monthly service is a good compromise. 

May Be More Lifestyle Appropriate

The size and activity levels in your home are key determiners of how often you should have your home cleaned.

For example, a busy five-bedroom family home complete with pets and kids can soon get dirty. In this case, a weekly or even twice weekly maid service might be necessary. 

But if you live alone and have no pets, you might not make enough mess to warrant the need for a weekly maid service. And if you’re often away from home traveling or on business, a monthly professional clean may be more than enough.  

Monthly Maid Service: Disadvantages

Professional house cleaning once a month can sound like a good idea on paper. But there are some cons to choosing a monthly instead of a weekly maid service:

More Work for You

The most obvious disadvantage of a monthly maid service is that you’ll have to do more of the cleaning yourself. Thinking back to the average American spending almost 24 hours a month cleaning, if you hire a maid service to cover four of those a month, you’ll still have to do around 20 hours a month yourself. 

Time Constraints

You might have planned for your maid to do deep cleaning tasks such as descaling your shower and cleaning your grout as well as mopping and vacuuming. But even the best maids can’t work miracles with a few hours a month. You’ll likely find that you have to prioritize or postpone certain cleaning tasks as your maid’s limited time at your house will often come up short. 

Less Consistency

Keeping on top of your home’s cleaning schedule is a never-ending task. Having a maid service come round once a month can help keep things in order, but you won’t get the same cleanliness and consistency as you would with a weekly professional clean. 

Weekly Maid Service: Advantages 

Many people prefer the more regular cleaning frequency of a weekly maid service. Here are some pros for getting professional house cleaning on a weekly basis: 

Saves You Time and Energy 

The more often your maid comes to clean your home, the more time and energy you save. That in itself is enough of a reason to go for a weekly maid service rather than the monthly option. You’ll still have to do day-to-day tasks like making the bed and tidying, but the more you can lighten your cleaning load, the better!

Consistent Cleanliness

Be honest, how often does your kitchen look sparkling clean? And when was the last time that you cleaned under the sofa or behind the sideboard?

As hard as we try to maintain a cleaning schedule, it’s all too easy to let things slide or put off certain chores until next week. With a weekly maid service, your house will look and feel a lot cleaner all the time. It’ll also be easier for you to keep on top of what you need to do to ensure that your home looks good between professional cleans. 

Easier to Avoid Certain Tasks

If vacuuming and dusting aggravates your allergies or you’re not agile enough to crouch down and clean the oven, knowing that you have a maid to do these tasks for you will be a welcome relief. And, since they’ll come to your home every week, you won’t have to disrupt the regular cleaning schedule too much to include certain tasks in their agenda. 

Weekly Maid Service: Disadvantage

Despite the clear pros of a weekly maid service, this option isn’t without its disadvantages: 

More Expensive 

You’re hiring a maid service to come to your home every week for several hours. It’s only right that a more regular cleaning frequency such as this would be more expensive than a monthly service.

For many people, a weekly maid service is worth the extra for the mental and physical health benefits a clean home provides. But if you budget won’t stretch to this option, you might find that a bi-monthly maid service is more suitable. 

May Be Incompatible with Cleaning Workload

Whether your household circumstances have changed or you overestimated your cleaning needs, a weekly maid service might be overkill. If you’re struggling to find things for your maid to do during their weekly visits, switching to a bi-monthly maid service could be the perfect compromise. 

Deciding Between a Weekly and a Monthly Maid Service

As this guide shows, there are many factors to consider when deciding between a weekly and a monthly maid service. 

While the majority of people prefer the consistent cleaning schedule of a weekly maid service, others may find a monthly maid service often enough for their particular circumstances. 

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