The Ultimate Pre-Event House Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Pre-Event House Cleaning Checklist

Did you know that the kitchen is the dirtiest room in your house? Your bathrooms aren’t far behind.

When you are getting ready to host an event, deep cleaning the house is one of the best ways to prepare. A sparkling clean and organized home is a sure way to wow your guests and host a seamless party.

Because event preparation can be hectic and stressful, we have compiled a house cleaning checklist, so you don’t miss anything before the big day. Read on for stress-free party prep.


Decluttering is one of the best ways to see a noticeable improvement in your home’s appearance. The key is to have as little on the counters as possible.

Go into your bathroom and stow away any items that your guests will not need. A clean hand towel and some soap are all they should require while at your party, and these items look nice on an otherwise clear counter.

The kitchen is another room that tends to see clutter. Try your best to organize your kitchen items to keep them out of sight.

Stock the Bathroom

Your house cleaning checklist should include stocking the bathroom; this step often goes forgotten. Make sure that there is extra toilet paper and enough soap, so your guests don’t find themselves in a pickle. A small vase of flowers is also a nice touch to liven up the room.

Clear Out the Coat Closet

Your guests will arrive with bags and sweaters or coats that will need to be stored somewhere. Before your party, make some room in your coat closet to avoid the dreaded coat pile that’s hard to sift through when guests are ready to go home.

Make Your Bed

A nicely made bed is an incomparable finishing touch to any bedroom. When you are house cleaning before your event, don’t forget to make the bed. It will help make the room look clean and inviting.

Dust, Sweep, and Vacuum

When making your house cleaning schedule, dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming should be done as close to the event as possible so that your house is in tip-top condition when your guests start arriving.

Dust off all surfaces, including countertops, tables, and any ledges that could collect dust. Sweep and vacuum to spiff up those floors.

Take Out the Trash

Prior to your event, make sure to empty the trash. Your guests will likely generate quite a bit of garbage, so it is important to have ample room for them to dispose of it properly. In addition, if you don’t take your trash out ahead of time, your guests might start to wonder what’s so smelly.

Don’t Forget to Check the House Cleaning Checklist

When hosting an event, don’t forget to check this house cleaning checklist, so nothing slips by you in the hectic days preceding the party.

If you think you might need professional cleaning help, fear not. Contact us for solutions to all of your cleaning needs.

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