This Is How to Sweep Floors the Right Way

This Is How to Sweep Floors the Right Way

Spring is here, and if you’re like 78% of all Americans, you’re ready for a spring cleaning project. Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, and what’s more renewing than a clean house?

Before you break out the mops, buckets, and sponges, you might want to check yourself. When you clean, are you doing it right? You sweep the floors, but do you know how to sweep floors?

Sweeping seems simple, but there’s way more to it. Read on to learn the best way to sweep a floor.

The Right Tool for the Job

Not all floors are equal, and neither are the brooms you use. If you want to sweep a floor like a pro, you have to find the right broom.


You’re proud of your hardwood floors. Why wouldn’t you be? They’re beautiful, and hardwood returns 106% of the installation cost upon resale.

You want to keep your hardwood clean and scratch-free. The best broom for hardwood floors has soft, synthetic bristles. The bristles sweep up dust and debris without damaging your prized wood.


Laminate flooring is a popular choice for people performing home renovations on a budget. It’s inexpensive, durable, and comes in a wide variety of styles.

Sweeping a floor made from laminate can be a challenge. While spray brooms and mops seem like a fantastic two-in-one option, excess liquid can damage a laminate floor.

The best broom for laminate is microfiber. This microfiber acts like a magnet for dirt and pet hair without scratching or damaging.


Linoleum is a classic kitchen floor making a comeback in homes across the country. It’s inexpensive, very durable, and comes in a variety of exciting styles.

Spray brooms or mops are perfect for sweeping these floors. If you want to invest in a classic broom, an all-purpose stiff-bristled broom will do the trick. You can use it both indoors and out.

How to Sweep a Floor

Proper cleaning isn’t a willy-nilly exercise. The more effective your strategy, the less work you’ll have to do. Some cleaning jobs require elbow grease, but working smart is better than working hard.

Step 1: Determine a Collection Spot

Where are you sweeping? Some people collect dust and debris as they go. That’s effective, but it’s too time-consuming.

Find a central spot and sweep to it. Here’s how you find that best spot.

  • Find a low point as it’s easier to sweep from high to low
  • It’s best to gather dust in a corner rather than the center
  • Make sure the spot is free from any airflow

Step 2: Determine Starting Point

Some people sweep each room individually. While effective, it is laborious. Of all sweeping tips, the best is to start in a room distant from your collection spot.

You gather dust and debris as you go, collecting from each room and ending at your collection spot. One big pile is easier to manage than several small piles.

Airflow could recirculate the dirt. A child or pet could wreck those tiny piles and spread the debris once again.

Step 3: Sweep

What’s the big deal? You know how to use a broom, right? Believe it or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way to sweep your floors. The wrong way still gets the job done, but it’s not as effective.

  • Keep bristles in constant contact with the floor
  • Start away from your body and pull dirt toward you
  • Don’t press bristles into the floor
  • Gentle short motions or long motions work the same

Remember to keep a consistent motion as you sweep. The more consistent your sweeping motion, the more effective you will be.

Step 4: Clean Your Broom as You Sweep

Sweeping without cleaning your broom is like washing your dishes with grease. Dust and debris will gather in your broom’s bristles. If you don’t take the time to clean your broom during the job, you’ll spread more dirt.

Turn your broom upside down and pull all of the gathered dust and dirt from the bristles. If you’re close to your gathering spot, dispose of it there. If not, carry it to your trash and deposit it there.

Step 5: Sweep Up the Pile

Your dirt pile is in the designated spot. Now it’s time to sweep it up and throw it away. Be careful, though.

Moving too fast through this step results in another mess you’ll have to clean up. Start by sweeping the pile into your dustpan. Go slow and be thorough.

Once your pile is in your dustpan, throw it away. Make sure not to dump the contents too fast. Doing so will cause a mess around your trash can.

Step 6: Clean Your Broom Again

Your broom will be dirty after a proper floor-sweeping. Before you put it away, make sure to clean the dirt from the bristles.

The final cleaning involves a bit of soapy water. Dip your broom’s bristles in a bucket of sudsy water, and then rinse clean in your sink. After you’ve cleaned, hang it to try in its storage area.

Learn How to Sweep Floors

Keeping your house clean is all about doing efficient work. Daily tasks shouldn’t take hours. Learning how to sweep floors is a vital skill that will help keep up appearances.

Get the right tools for the job, and then remember to keep those bristles clean.

Do you find you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to devote to house cleaning? Don’t let it go, and don’t stress yourself. Hire a professional!

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