How to Mop Floors Like a Professional

How to Mop Floors Like a Professional

Clean Floors are essential for a healthy home. It’s ideal you clean your floors at least once a week. You may need to clean them more often if you have small children and pets or if you allow shoes in your home. 

Knowing how to mop floors correctly is the first step to achieving a clean and healthy home. Before you grab your mop and begin the process, you should first take note of the type of floors you’re mopping. Certain materials will need to be treated differently than others. 

When you know all the best mopping tips, you can have some peace of mind knowing your home’s floors are cleaned properly. Are you ready to get started?

Continue reading below for a guide on how to mop your home’s floors!

Remove All Items

Before you even get your mop ready, remove all items from off the floor. Of course, you may not be able to move large furniture items such as couches and entertainment centers, but you can move coffee tables, chairs, rugs, and other smaller items. 

It’s best to remove these so you can mop the entire floor instead of mopping around several items. When you move the furniture items, check to see if they’re dirty on the bottom. If so, clean them before placing them back on your floors. 

You can also use these furniture items to create a barrier so everyone else in the house knows not to enter that room until the floors are dry. 

Sweep and Vacuum First

Now that you’ve cleared the room, it’s time to sweep and vacuum. Never begin mopping a floor that hasn’t been at least swept first. Take a broom and sweep all loose debris from your floors. 

Try to get in those hard-to-reach areas to remove any dirt or dust that might be hiding. Then, use your vacuum to quickly go over the area to remove any debris you may have missed. 

A mop will not remove dirt and dust from your floors. Instead, it will push it around and risk scratching your floors. Once you’ve swept and vacuumed, you can then prepare to mop.

Create a Solution With Warm Water

If you’re going to use a cleaning solution to mop your floors with, then be sure to use warm water. Fill your mop bucket with just enough water for you to submerge the mop head in. Don’t fill the water too high, however. 

You’re going to want to dump the water as it gets dirty and create new solutions as you go. For this reason, it’s easier to use less water. Follow the instructions on the back of your cleaning to place the proper amount of cleaner into your water. 

Consider Disposable Mop Pads

Over time, mop heads can become worn down and remain dingy even after washes. For this reason, it might be a good idea to use disposable mop heads or mop pads. Although you can throw many mop heads into the washer machine for a thorough cleaning, it’s nice to be able to throw them away after each use as well. 

You won’t have to worry about having to wash out all the dirt and grime. You can simply mop and then toss it. 

Break It Down Into Sections

If you’re mopping a rather large room, then don’t hesitate to break it down into sections. When you mop a floor in sections, it can help you clean the floors more easily. 

Rinse and wring the mop out after each section if using a reusable mop head/pad. This will help keep the mop clean and prevent spreading dirt around. 

Replace Water Once It Darkens

If you mop the floors with dirty water, it won’t clean them properly. Although it can be tiring, you must replace the water once it darkens. Dirty water is a good sign because it means you’re getting those floors clean, but if you use dirty water to clean your floors, it won’t help much. 

Each time you see the water turning dark, dump it and replace it with clean warm water and new cleaner. Be sure to soak the mop in water each time before use as well. 

Conduct a Wipe Napkin Test

How will you know if you’re really cleaning the floors? Conduct a white napkin test! Take a white napkin or towel and wipe the floor with it as you mop. 

Is it coming out clean, or is there still dirt on the floors? This is a good indication if you need to go back over the section or not. 

Contact the Professionals 

Ensuring a proper clean takes a lot of work. There’s a lot more that goes into mopping a floor correctly than one would think. It’s also important to note that you’ll need to know how to mop laminate floors and how to mop wood floors if your home has either of these materials in it. 

Luckily, you have the option to contact the professionals. Professional house cleaning services can clean your floors and your entire home for you while you focus on other things. Let the professionals do the dirty work for you and have peace of mind knowing the floors were clean the right way. 

Struggling to Learn How to Mop Floors? 

Are you struggling to learn how to mop floors even after reading through this guide? Using the tips listed above is a great first step, but getting those floors cleaned correctly might require the help of a professional.

When you hire TMC Services, you can expect a professional and thorough house cleaning. 

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