What Does a Maid Do? 5 Ways They Can Help

What Does a Maid Do? 5 Ways They Can Help

Believe it or not, the average American spends six hours per week cleaning their home. 

Busy professionals and parents often find that, while washing the dishes and wiping things down are doable, finding the time to give the whole house a thorough clean is tricky. They often forget about tasks like grout-scrubbing and baseboard-wiping. In the long run, neglecting these tasks will take its toll on the home.

Many families have sought the assistance of professional cleaning in getting their homes sparkling.

What does a maid do, and how can finding a reliable cleaner help you? 

Let’s take a look.

1. Standard Cleaning

A regular cleaning service will offer standard cleaning in your home. This can be a big help if you aren’t getting home until later in the evening or want to spend additional time with your family.

Having someone to clean the surface of your home is great on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Vacuuming and mopping are to be expected. Your cleaning service will also wipe down sinks, clean the toilet, and sanitize your shower or bathtub.

Your cleaning service can also perform tasks that often get overlooked by homeowners on a daily basis. They will, for example, dust down baseboards and small furniture. They may also wipe down windows and cabinet doors.

Even with standard cleaning, your maid service can pay attention to areas within your home that often go unnoticed. You can be confident that your home has been cleaned and purified in a professional manner.

2. Deep Cleaning

Experts recommend that, in addition to standard cleaning services, you get your house deep-cleaned twice a year

Deep cleaning goes beyond the surface of your home to get rid of things like dirt, soap scum, and gunk. It can also help get rid of the dust and germs that often make your family sick.

In the bathroom, deep cleaning can involve things like scrubbing the grout, disinfecting wastebaskets, and cleaning inside the vanity. In the kitchen, it involves cleaning under appliances, scrubbing inside the fridge, and disinfecting the oven. Your cleaning service will also be working on grout lines and backsplashes.

In your living and sleeping spaces, your professional cleaning service will vacuum under furniture, wipe light fixtures, and clean the blinds. They may also do things like wipe vent fixtures, scrub walls, and even dust your decorations. 

3. Keep You Healthy

One of the benefits of a maid is that they can keep your home free of dust and mold, which can impact everyone’s health. If you have family members with allergies or asthma, these particles can cause unhealthy reactions and sinus infections.

Your professional maid service may vacuum with a HEPA filter, which is extra-effective at getting rid of tiny, harmful particles. If you care about the long-term well-being of your family, it’s smart to invest in a maid service.

4. Specialty Cleaning

Maybe you’ve recently had some construction done and need some extra help getting your home move-in ready. Or perhaps you are renting out your property and want to get your home professionally cleaned before the next tenant moves in.

Some individuals are hosting guests for the holidays or the summer. They want to be confident that the home is as clean as it could be.

Professional cleaners can give you the assurance that your home is cleaned and purified, right down to the corners. Once you’ve found a cleaner you like, you’ve found a trusted source of help for your lifestyle.

5. Move In-Move Out Services

Cleanliness is often key when you move into a new home. This is especially true if you have family members with allergies.

The right cleaning service will wipe down floors, counters, and closets before you move in. They can also disinfect bathrooms and kitchens so you can move in comfortably.

Moving out of a place means that you’ll need to clean up properly, especially if you’re looking to get a rental deposit back. The right cleaning service can make sure every corner is swept so you can get going without a worry. 

Reliable Cleaning Services

Of course, not all cleaning services are the same, and you’ll want to make sure to find someone who you can trust.

It’s important to choose a local company, as your cleaning service will probably be returning on a regular basis. These individuals will also have a working knowledge of common cleaning problems with homes in your area. 

You can also look for reviews of cleaning companies online. Are there a lot of people saying that the company is reliable and does a nice job? Or do many individuals comment on the lack of professionalism?

Ask your cleaning company for some references and call them up. Try to get details that are confirming you’re making a good decision.

You’ll want to get a few estimates to help ensure that you’re getting a smart price for the service. However, the least expensive estimate isn’t necessarily the best deal.

You’ll want to consider your company’s experience and reputation when choosing a cleaning company. It may be worth it to pay a bit extra if you know you’re always going to be happy with the work.

What Does a Maid Do?

What does a maid do? The right cleaning service can clean your house from top to bottom on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. They can also help you clean for special events and ensure that your home is clean and comfortable for everyone who visits your home.

Don’t stop getting smart about professional cleaning now. For excellent maids in your area, contact us today. 



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