Learn How to Clean the Stove Top With These Tips

Learn How to Clean the Stove Top With These Tips

Dirty ovens and stoves cause 20% of house fires. By finding ways to keep your appliances clean, you can protect your family.

Do you want to learn how to clean the stove top? Keep reading to learn what kitchen cleaning products you should use, and how often should you clean your kitchen stove. 

Get The Right Materials

When you are learning how to clean the kitchen stove, one of the most important things you need to do is get the right materials. Here are some cleaning tips that can help. 

If you want to go the more natural route, there are a few products that can work wonders on a dirty stove! For example, baking soda, vinegar, and even dish soap work well to remove grease and baked on grime. 

However, if you would rather use a stronger chemical to clean your stove, you can find stove cleaners in any grocery store. 

Next, you want to make sure you have a scrub pad that is non-abrasive. Getting a non-scratch scouring pad will protect your stove top and will prevent you from leaving scratch marks when you clean. Even if you have stubborn stains, you can remove them without scratching your stove. 

Wait Until Your Stove is Cold

Next, you want to wait until your stovetop is cold. While many people think that it would be easier to clean food while it is hot and before it hardens, this can actually be very dangerous!

Cleaning a hot stove can seriously burn you and cause other problems. Not only can it burn you, but it can also create fumes. If you use any other chemicals while you clean your oven or stove, it can damage your lungs. 

Cleaning The Stovetop

Once your stove is cool, you can begin the cleaning process! There are a few ways you can do this. 

First, you can use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Start by sprinkling baking soda over your stove top. Then, you can spray vinegar over the top of the baking powder to let it activate. 

Then, put a soapy washcloth or towel over the mixture on the stove. Let it sit for about 10 or 15 minutes to help it soften the hardened food. After 15 minutes, you can use the towel to scrub off the baking soda mixture and the stains. 

Use a clean cloth to wipe the remaining debris off your stove! As was mentioned before, it is important that you don’t use any hard brushes or scrubbers on the stovetop. This will prevent it from scratching and will keep your stove in great condition for longer. 

If your stove is greasy and has no baked-on food, you can simply use dish soap to clean it! Dish soap is a natural degreaser that is an easy and effective way to clean your stove. Otherwise, you can use stove cleaning chemicals and follow the directions on the bottle!

Why Should You Clean Your Kitchen Stove

There are many reasons why you should clean your stove top. First, it can keep you healthier and prevent sickness. There are many germs that can be found on your stovetop after cooking. 

These include E. coli, salmonella, hepatitis A, and more. Because these types of bacteria can easily spread during your food preparation, your stove can be exposed. This is also true if you spill raw meat while you are cooking it on your stove. 

To prevent the spread of bacteria, it is a good idea to regularly clean your stove. 

Not only is a dirty stove dangerous because of bacteria that live on the surface, but it can also lead to kitchen fires. If you have food baked onto your gas stove, it is easy for them to catch fire, smolder, and smoke. To prevent kitchen fires, you can wipe off any crumbs, spills, and other types of food residue that can catch on fire. 

Finally, you want to clean your stove to keep your kitchen looking fresh and clean! When you have a buildup of oil and other food particles, they stand out from your stovetop, especially if it is white. Not only does that make your kitchen look dirty, but it can also create stains taht are harder to remove. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Stove Top

Many people wonder how often they should clean their stove or oven. Honestly, it depends on you! How often do you use your stove? Do you frequently spill food or grease on your stovetop? 

To be safe, most people should clean their stoves at least once a week. This will remove any grime from the previous week’s cooking and will prevent stains from setting in or food from cooking onto the surface. 

By deep cleaning your stove once a week, it will be much easier to maintain. You can also do a quick wipe of your stove each time you cook food. This will make your deep cleaning even easier and will prevent grease or other food from building up on your stovetop. 


Learn More About How to Clean the Stove Top With Professional Cleaners

Learning how to clean the stove top can be difficult, especially if you have stubborn grease or food that has been cooked on. If following these tips didn’t help you get your stove top clean, you can see if a professional cleaning company can help!

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