How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel

How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel

Many of us missed going for hotel breaks during the pandemic. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting into a professionally made bed and snuggling into those high-quality sheets. Apparently, they favor a bright white color to reassure you that there’s nothing nasty lurking between the covers.

Luxurious white sheets may be alluring, but there’s also something about the way they make the bed. Those tight corners look so crisp and inviting. Is it possible to recreate that look at home?

It sure is. Let’s find out how to make your bed like a hotel. 

Up Your Sheet Game

What’s your preference in the flat vs fitted sheets debate? If you’re going to learn how to make your bed like a hotel, it’s time to move over to the flat side.

It’s true; fitted sheets are easy to put on. But they also ping off really easily during the night and don’t provide the same level of tension that a flat sheet can.

Getting Smooth, Flat Sheets

Want to know how to get wrinkle-free sheets? You could iron them of course, but who wants to do that? The best way is to give them some TLC during the washing and drying process.

When your sheets come out of the clothes washer, untangle them. Give them a good flick to work out all the kinks.

Then make sure your dryer isn’t overloaded, or they’ll crease up again. Even better, air dry them to let the gravity help work out the wrinkles.

If you do use a dryer, when the cycle finishes, take the sheet out immediately. Smooth the sheet down and fold it, and it should be flat and smooth. Wash your sheets regularly to stop body oils and dirt from building up that will make them look grubby and wrinkled.

Now you’re ready to start making the bed. This means that you’re going to learn to master a skill that sounds intimidating but is surprisingly easy – hospital corners.

How to Create Hospital Corners

Hospital corners are those crisp edges you get on hospital, army, and hotel beds. Here’s the process:

  1. Grab yourself a flat sheet and position it square on the bed, with an equal amount of overhang on all sides
  2. Head to the foot of the bed and tuck the sheet in along the entire edge
  3. Head to one side and grab the corner of the overhang
  4. Bring it up onto the top of the mattress – it’ll make a triangle shape. Smooth it down
  5. Leaving the triangle on the mattress, tuck the overhang in along the entire edge
  6. Now bring the triangle down and pull it taut, creating a sharp corner
  7. Tuck the end of the triangle under the mattress to hold it in place
  8. Complete the process with the remaining corners

You can use this process for your top sheet as well. The only change is that you only have to make two corners. The top section folds down. 

Tuck In Your Comforter

Is there a more descriptive word in the English language than comforter? The problem is when you’re trying to create a luxury hotel bed vibe, they can kind of let the side down. They tend to be floppy and just there, rather than neat and elegant.

It doesn’t have to be that way – you just need a comforter that is large enough to tuck in. Follow the same tips we used to create those crisp hospital corners. This is one of the best bed-making tips that will take your boudoir to the next level.

Do you use a duvet rather than a comforter? The difference is that a duvet has a removable cover. You can take this off easily to wash and it gives you lots of scope to change the vibe in your room.

The only challenge is that duvet covers can get pretty wrinkled. As they’re on display, it’s important to follow the tips for wrinkle-free sheets above. Alternatively, bust out that iron and banish those wrinkles!

Get the Top Fold Right

To get that luxury hotel look, the top fold of the duvet or comforter needs to be sharp. One of the best hotel housekeeping tips is to karate chop the comforter. 

That’ll give you a straight edge to work with. Then pull it taut on each side and tuck it in.

Give Your Pillows Some Love

Hotel pillows are always plump and inviting. They have pristine pillow slips that are crisp when you lay your head on them. To restore the bounce in your pillows, you have a few options:

Hand Fluffing

Grab the pillow, sit down and massage it on your lap. Don’t be shy – it can stand up to being roughed up a bit. Squish it back and forth like it was an accordion to get the air deep into the fibers.

Put It in the Dryer

Check the care label on your pillow first. Many pillows will benefit from a spin in the dryer on a low-temperature setting. The combination of warmth and tumbling can breathe life back into those deflated cushions.

Tennis Ball in a Sock

Yes, you read that right. Grab an old tennis ball, put it in a sock, and throw it in your dryer along with the pillow. The action of the ball bouncing against the pillow will increase its fluffiness!

Stand, Don’t Stack

When your pillows are plumped up, put the pillowcases on, and do not stack them like your normally would! Instead, flatten them slightly in the middle, pull out the corners of the pillowcases, and stand them on end. Then stand the next pillows in front of them.

The Bottom Line: How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel

Now you know how to make your bed like a hotel, there’s no reason not to hit the hay in style every night!

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