How to Clean Tile Backsplash and Grout

How to Clean Tile Backsplash and Grout

The house cleaning industry is a fast-growing business, and experts expect it to grow by a steady 6% over the next few years. One reason for this is busyness. 

People today are busy, and many don’t have time to handle all their house cleaning tasks alone. So they hire a cleaning company to clean the challenging parts. 

An example of this is the tile backsplash you have in your kitchen. Do you have time to clean this area, and do you know how?

Here is a guide to explain the best ways to clean this kitchen area. You can use these tips to clean it yourself, but you can also hire a cleaning company to clean this area and other parts of your house if you don’t want to clean them.

Gather the Right Materials and Supplies

You might not like what you see when you look at your backsplash tile. While the tile might look nice in your kitchen, it might also look greasy and dirty.

However, having a backsplash protects your walls. Homeowners choose backsplashes for this reason and for the way they look. But having a backsplash requires cleaning it.

You can begin the job by gathering the right materials. In this guide, you’ll learn the cleaning products you can use to clean it, but you’ll also need a few more things.

First, you’ll need a sponge or cleaning rags. Secondly, it might be helpful to have a small scrub brush. Some people even use old toothbrushes to clean their tile and grout. 

Finally, you’ll need some window cleaner and paper towels, as you can shine the tile with these items after cleaning it. 

Soap and Water

One method that might work well to clean backsplashes is soap and water. For example, kitchen dish soap might work effectively. 

Most kitchen dish soaps contain degreasing agents, which means they help you remove grease. A kitchen backsplash tends to contain a lot of grease, so you might want to choose a degreasing dish soap product. 

Next, mix a few drops of the soap with warm water and scrub the tile with a sponge. You might also use the scrub brush to brush the grout and highly greased-filled areas. 

Baking Soda

Many homeowners also perform kitchen backsplash cleaning with baking soda. Baking soda is an ingredient you probably have in your pantry, and it’s a natural ingredient, which means it’s safe for cleaning purposes. 

Another benefit of baking soda is its abrasive nature. Abrasive products like this are helpful for cleaning grout, including backsplash tile and grout. 

You can use baking soda by mixing it with water. You’ll want to create a paste that is thick enough to apply to the tile but thin enough to spread easily.

Next, spread the paste over the tile and grout with a sponge, scrubbing it as you go. When finished, you can rinse it with water. You’ll see a big difference in your grout and tile after cleaning it with baking soda and water. 


Vinegar isn’t abrasive, but it’s a natural ingredient that works well for cleaning backsplash grout.

You can use it in several ways, but a simple method is to mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water in a spray bottle.

Next, spray the mixture on your tile and wipe it with a sponge. You can also scrub it with a scrub brush. When finished, you can rinse it with water to see the difference. 

Buy a Degreaser

When dealing with a really greasy backsplash, you might even want to try a degreaser. A degreaser is a product made especially for removing grease.

These products often come in spray bottles, allowing you to spray them directly on the tile and grout. You can then scrub the tile with your brush and rinse it clean with water. 

Using a degreaser might make your job slightly easier. In other words, you might not have to scrub as much when using a degreaser. 

Apply Sealer

It’s also wise to seal your grout every year or two, yet many people don’t know that this is necessary. Grout sealant is a product that protects the grout, making it easier to keep it clean. 

If you want to seal your grout, you’ll need to begin by cleaning it. You can’t apply it to dirty, greasy tile. Next, you’ll apply the sealant and let it dry.

Sealing your tile can make cleaning it easier, as the sealant prevents grease and stains from penetrating into the grout. 

Hire a Company to Clean Your Tile Backsplash

While these methods work well for cleaning backsplash tile, there is a simpler way. You can hire a cleaning company to clean it for you. 

Hiring this out transfers the cleaning duty to the cleaning company. As a result, you’ll have clean tile without the effort. 

Additionally, you can hire a cleaning company to perform other household tasks, including cleaning your ceiling fans and windows.

Some homeowners hire cleaning companies for all their cleaning duties, while others hire them only for challenging tasks. You can decide what services you’d like them to do when hiring them. 

You can also decide how often to hire them. For example, do you want them to come weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? You can even hire them to come only a few times a year.

Learn More About Cleaning Services

Cleaning tile backsplash isn’t impossible, but it’s a tough job that takes time and work. You can clean your tile by using some of these methods, or you can hire a company to clean it for you.

Hiring a company is a great idea because they’ll clean the tough jobs for you, including your tile backsplash, ceiling fans, windows, and appliances.

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