How Often Should You Clean a Ceiling Fan?

How Often Should You Clean a Ceiling Fan?

Did you know that 87 percent of American homes have fans? Yes, you read that right. Over half of America’s homes have 2 to 3 ceiling fans living inside them every day. 

Unfortunately, not every ceiling fan gets the attention it deserves. It may be because they sit above most heads, but many homeowners don’t regularly clean their ceiling fans. 

Why is this so important? Failing clean a ceiling fan will cause an increase in allergy symptoms, dust build-up, poor air circulation, and much more. 

If you’ve noticed any of the above side effects of a not-so-clean ceiling fan, you’re in luck. Everything you need to know about how to clean a ceiling fan and when you should do it is waiting below. 

How Often Should You Clean a Ceiling Fan?

The frequency of your ceiling fan cleanings will depend on the dust in your home. If you have pets, dry skin, dry/windy weather, or like to leave your windows open, you’ll need to clean your fan every month.

Since dust is made from small particles like dead skin, dirt, pollen, hair, etc., all the above factors increase the amount of dust in your home. As your fan spins, its material and the electrical current it creates will cause dust to collect on the blades.

If you own a clear-blade ceiling fan, you may need to clean it more often as well. When ceiling fan blades are clean, dust is easier to see. 

If your home gathers an average amount of dust, you can clean your fan every two months. This is because dust will settle at a slower rate, allowing you to expand the time between fan cleanings. 

You should note that the weather impacts the amount of dust both inside and outside your house. Summer months often increase the amount of dust in your area. Because of this, you may need to clean your ceiling fan every month during the summer and every two months during the winter. 

If you don’t have time to clean the fan yourself, hire a professional to help you stay on top of your seasonal cleanings.

How to Clean Ceiling Fan Blades  

Cleaning your ceiling fan may seem like a difficult process, but it’s not as bad as it seems. There are many cleaning methods you can try until the right one comes to you. 

Just remember to take things slow and steady. Your safety should always be your priority when cleaning anything in your home. 

Before you begin, make sure your ladder/step stool is stable and all your cleaning supplies are ready. You should also clean your fan while another person is in your home in case you need help.  

Method 1: Cleaning Without Using a Ladder 

If you don’t like heights or can’t use a ladder, clean your ceiling fan blades with a fan duster. These are round microfiber dusters designed to slip around one fan blade at a time. The dusters are usually on extendable poles that allow you to adjust their length to reach your fan.  

To use a fan duster, position the round part of the tool in front of a fan blade. Then, slip the hollow section of the microfiber duster on the edge of the blade and push back. The duster is double-sided, allowing it to clean both sides of the fan as you push it across the blade. 

Once you’ve pushed the duster to the back of the blade, bring it forward and remove it from the fan. Before you move on to the next blade, clean the dust off the microfiber duster to ensure the best clean possible. 

When you’re ready, repeat the above steps on the remaining ceiling fan blades as many times as you need. 

Method 2: Cleaning With a Ladder

Getting up close and personal with your fan is the best way to clean ceiling fans. The closer you are, the more dust you can see and collect. This is why if you can use a ladder, do it. 

If you’re planning on using your ladder to clean your fan, start by positioning it below the fan. When the ladder is in the right place, take a pillowcase and climb on top. Place the fan blade inside the pillow case and use it to remove the dust. 

Since the pillowcase is enclosed, dust won’t fall to the floor while you clean the blade. If you don’t have a pillowcase on hand, use a towel or old blanket, just make sure you wrap the towel/blanket around the blade as if it were a pillowcase. 

When the blade is dust-free, take a damp cloth and wipe down the fan hardware. If you can’t reach small sections of dust, spray canned air in or around the location. The air will push the dust out of the area so you don’t have to.

You can also spray your fan blades with a dusting spray or dust repellent to keep them dust-free a little longer. 

Cleaning Light Globes

If your ceiling fan has lights attached to it, you’ll need to clean them as well. You can do this by removing the globes from your fan and placing them in your sink. 

Soak the globes in a mixture of warm water and dish soap long enough for the solution to remove the dust. When you’re ready to remove the globes, dry them with a microfiber towel and attach them to your fan. Make sure the screws are tight enough to hold the globe steady. 

You can also take this opportunity to change any burnt-out light bulbs in your clear globe ceiling fan. 

Need Help Getting a Clean Ceiling Fan? 

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