Fruit Fly Don’t Bother Me: How to Keep Fruit Fresh in the Summer

Fruit Fly Don’t Bother Me: How to Keep Fruit Fresh in the Summer

The summer is a time for all the fresh fruit you can eat! From homemade fruit salads to healthy fruit popsicles, there are so many ways to eat fruit and get those vitamins in!

But how do you store fruit when the weather is hot? The first thing on your mind may be to stick everything you bought in the fridge but that might not be the best choice.

Some fruits like the cold and moist environment but others will lose their flavor and ripen faster if stored there. Keep reading to learn how to keep fruit fresh and make it last longer, even in the summer.

Avoid Storing Fruits On The Countertop

In the summer, every room in the house tends to be warmer, despite blasting the AC. To keep fruit fresh longer, avoid storing it on your countertops, especially during a heatwave. If you do store the fruit outside the fridge, make sure you eat it within a day to prevent it from overripening.

While it’s best to eat the fruit in the first 1-3 days after you buy it, keeping it in a bowl on your kitchen island can make it ripen or perish faster. Some fruits like apples and peaches will do fine at room temperature but berries, oranges, and avocado will stay fresh for longer in the fridge.

If you do store fruit on your countertops, make sure the surface is always clean and disinfected to prevent attracting fruit flies.

Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean

If you’re wondering how to store fruit the right way, keeping your kitchen clean might be the answer. Foodborne pathogens, bacteria, and fruit flies thrive in environments where there’s food and moisture. Keeping your kitchen sparkling clean will keep them away as they don’t like the smell of cleaning products and disinfecting alcohol.

Aside from wiping your countertops regularly, keeping your fridge clean is essential for the freshness of your fruits. Remove any expired food, leftovers older than 2 days, and any fruit or vegetable with signs of soft bruising or dark patches.

Wipe the inside of the fridge with a wet cloth to remove any stains or leaks. Spray a liquid bleach solution and wipe with a soft wet cloth. You can also make your own cleaning solution to remove any bacteria and pathogens from the fridge. In a spray bottle, mix 1 tsp of rubbing alcohol, 1 tsp. white vinegar, and a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Add warm water and shake the bottle to mix everything well. 

Spray the fridge inside, including the door shelves and the fridge drawer. Wipe everything well and leave the door open to dry. Now your fridge is ready to be restocked and will keep your food and fruits fresh for longer. 

Store The Fruit Unwashed (Until It’s Time To Eat It)

If you’ve been wondering how to keep fruit flies away, the answer may be in keeping the fruit unwashed, that is until it’s time to eat it. Water can make the fruit ripen and perish faster, especially on the counter. As the fruit ripens, the sweet scent attracts fruit flies that can’t wait to feast on it.

Unwashed fruit will stay fresh longer because there’s no moisture. Even if you store fruits in the fridge, don’t wash them until you decide to consume them because the fridge is a moist environment anyway.

Use Special Storing Tricks For Each Fruit

Storing fresh fruit can be a little tricky because different fruits require different temperatures and storing conditions. For example, not all fruits will do well in the fridge and can even ripen faster there because of the moisture.

For example, peaches and nectarines will lose their flavor and juice in the fridge and won’t be as sweet to eat compared to storing them in a container at room temperature. You can keep apples in the fridge but only uncovered and not in a plastic or paper bag.

Berries are quick to perish so keep them unwashed in the fridge. Only wash them before eating. Bananas will do well at room temperature but if the room is too warm, they’ll ripen too fast. Put a small piece of aluminum foil on the crown of a bunch or store them in the fridge.

Some fruit can ripen outside at room temperature and then you can store it in the fridge to keep it fresh. For example, keep apricots, kiwi fruit, honeydew melon, and pears outside if they’re not ripe yet and once they ripen, store them in the fridge 

Keep Fruit Flies Away

If you’re wondering how to get rid of fruit flies, try making a scent deterrent that’ll keep them far away from your fruit. Fruit flies don’t like eucalyptus, apple cider vinegar, alcohol, lavender, basil, and lemongrass.

You can make a trap to kill off the fruit flies or make a DIY spray that you’ll use to spray the fruit to keep the fruit flies from landing on it. You can also just put the fresh herbs in a muslin bag and hang them in the kitchen. The strong scent of the herbs will keep the fruit flies away and your fruit fresh.

You can also make an essential oil blend using these herbs and add a few drops to your diffuser or in a bowl filled with water. If there are fruit flies, this will keep them away from your sweet fruits. 

Use These Tips To Learn How To Keep Fruit Fresh All Summer Long

Whether you display your fruit in a bowl in the kitchen or prefer to store it in the fridge, these tips will help you learn how to keep fruit fresh for longer. When the weather is hot in the summer, you’ll always have fresh fruit to snack on, no matter the time of day.

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