A Fresh Start: Why You Should Hire a Move in Cleaning Service

A Fresh Start: Why You Should Hire a Move in Cleaning Service

If you’ve just purchased or rented a new home or apartment, your mind is probably racing with excitement at the thought of moving in and making it your own.

You’re thinking about where to hang that full-length mirror and how you’ll arrange furniture in the living room. But you should pause and consider what you might be moving in to.

Who lived here before you? What might be lurking in those carpet fibers or bath drain?

If you’re wanting to have a fresh start in a new home, here are five reasons to consider hiring a move in cleaning company to make sure it really is fresh.

You Don’t Know Who Lived Here Before

Unless you’re moving into a brand new construction home that’s never seen occupants before, you’re essentially moving into a space someone else (or many others!) have lived in.

Were they clean? Did they have pets? What was their lifestyle like?

Hopefully, you’re moving into a place that was well maintained and cleaned regularly. But you have no idea what germs and dirt might be hiding in those carpets.

You Have Enough to Deal With

Moving is already a chore. You have to box up your entire life, clean up the home you’re leaving, rally a crew of helpers, cart the whole load to the new house, unload it all and move it all into the new space.

Do you really want to add deep-cleaning your new house to the list?

A competent move in cleaning service can take care of this before you arrive with your family, friends, and belongings in tow. Plus, imagine how nice it will feel to walk into your new home, knowing everything has been scrubbed away and taken care of for you!

Think About the Health Concerns

You might be shocked to learn about the health risks lurking in your home. Now imagine those risks moving into a space with a history you don’t know about!

From toxic chemicals that might be left lingering to dust and dirt in carpets that attract mites and other bugs, you might be moving into a home that could have hidden health concerns.

You’ll Receive Professional Cleaning Standards

Let’s be honest — if you were to try to clean your new home, you’d quickly adopt a “that’s good enough” attitude as you tried to rush through it.

A professional cleaning company will ensure you receive professional cleaning standards.

There’s No Contract

Because it’s a one-off cleaning, there is no contract or long-term obligations to deal with. Although you might just be so impressed and happy with the results, you might choose to hire a cleaner for yourself on a regular basis!

Get a Move In Cleaning Today!

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