Get Your Deposit Back With This Move out Cleaning Checklist

Get Your Deposit Back With This Move out Cleaning Checklist

When you move out of your apartment and into a new one, the last thing you want to hear is that you lost your security deposit from your old place. Security deposits aren’t cheap, and you will want to use that money on your new spot. A move out cleaning checklist will be a big help.

One in four renters does not get his or her security deposit back upon vacating an old apartment. Although the majority of those people don’t get it back because they left before their lease was complete, there are a number of other reasons this happens, too. One reason many landlords cite is the fact that the place was not left clean for the landlord to prepare for the next tenant.

If you have taken good care of your space while residing in it, then it would be a shame for you to have lost your deposit simply because you didn’t clean up well upon departure. However, there are ways you can ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Read on for some basic tips to help you get your security deposit back in your own pocket instead of leaving it in your former landlord’s.

A Move Out Cleaning Checklist for Your Apartment

Of course, you already know that you need to clean everything from top to bottom when you move out of an apartment. However, there are some things you may forget if not reminded. We hope this move out cleaning checklist helps!


The kitchen is usually the place in the home that will need the most attention, so you might as well start there. Be sure to wipe down countertops and your backsplash and your sink and all its fixtures. Take a damp rag and run it over the cabinets and the front and sides of your large appliances.

Vacuum along the baseboards and between the stove and fridge and the walls. Empty your refrigerator and wipe down all shelves. Clean the inside of the microwave if you are leaving it behind. Sweep and mop the floors, wash the windows, and empty and vacuum out all drawers.


Your bathrooms are probably the second most important to clean after the kitchen, so focus and do the best that you can. If you hate cleaning bathrooms, there is no shame in hiring someone to do it for you. 

When cleaning the bathroom, use a little elbow grease to clean the tub, shower, and toilet. Sinks and fixtures should come clean easily. Wipe down mirrors until they sparkle. Like you did in the kitchen, take a damp rag and run over the front of the cabinets. Don’t miss the baseboards, ledges, and blinds, and finally, sweep and mop to finish up.


Once you have all of your stuff out of the bedroom, it should be rather easy to clean. Be sure to sweep or vacuum, wipe down baseboards, and clean the windows. If you have a ceiling fan, take time to clean the blades and light fixture. Dust vents, trim, outlet covers, light switches, and baseboards. 

Living Area & Common Spaces

These areas should also be easy to clean once you have removed all of the furniture. Again, vacuum and sweep. Remove all trash. Dust anything that looks dusty. Clean off the blinds to the best of your ability. Get rid of cobwebs. Wash windows inside and out.

Happy Moving

Cleaning your old apartment shouldn’t take much time. It may feel like a pain to complete everything on this move out cleaning checklist, but you will be pleased that you took the time once your old landlord hands you back your security deposit. Then you can be on your merry way and can begin unpacking boxes at your new place. Happy moving!

If you’re looking for some help in the cleaning process, we are here to do just that. Our staff is excited to help you clean your space in or near Covington, Georgia and we provide many house cleaning services to assist you. Give us a call today!


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