How to Deep Clean a Toilet: The Ultimate Toilet Cleaning Guide

How to Deep Clean a Toilet: The Ultimate Toilet Cleaning Guide

An average American spends about 30 minutes in the toilet every day, while one in four adults can stay for more than an hour. 

Besides answering the call of nature, people find it relaxing to scroll through their phones or read while in the toilet. The loo is probably one of the best rooms for most homes, and its cleanliness is of utmost importance.

However, toilet cleaning is one of the household chores dreaded by most people. A clean toilet can change the aura in your house. If you’re unsure of how to go about it, here’s a guide on deep cleaning a toilet. 

1. Have All the Supplies 

The last thing you want when cleaning your toilet is stopping midway to look for some tools or soap. All the supplies you require should be within your reach. If need be, have a checklist before delving into this crucial task.

Some of the supplies that you should have in place include the toilet bowl cleaners, toilet brush, disinfectants, pumice stone, cleaning gloves, and paper towels. For the bowl cleaners, you can use baking soda and white vinegar. If you opt to go for store brands, the options are inexhaustible. 

If you’re worried about the chemical content of the cleaners, go organic. 

One of the best organic cleaners to use in your home is the Greenshield organic toilet cleaner. It’s non-toxic, and it doesn’t have negative impacts on the septic system.  

2. Clean the Outside

The exterior of a toilet bowl is as critical as the commode. When the outside part is sparkling, your toilet becomes more appealing. You should pay attention to all parts of the toilet. 

Use a disinfecting spray to spritz the underside of the toilet seat, the back, and the surrounding walls. When flushing your toilet, bathroom particles can settle on the surfaces. The toilet walls and floors can be breeding ground for bacteria if not well cleaned. 

Pay particular attention to the toilet seat. 

Once you spray the disinfectant, allow it to sit for a few minutes before wiping away. This step ensures that the seat is thoroughly clean and free of any bacteria.

3. Clean the Inside of the Toilet Bowl

Cleaning your toilet bowl isn’t just about swishing the brush and flushing the loo. 

You need to focus on the siphon jets and the rim’s underside. The vertical stains on the toilet bowl are probably a sign of dirty siphon jets, which are hard to clean with a typical toilet brush. 

Avoid using harsh chemicals in toilet cleaning. You can start by pouring castile soap inside the toilet. Use your firm-bristled brush to scrub all the parts of a toilet bowl. 

If you’re using borax to clean the toilet, a quarter or half a cup is ideal. Pour the borax on all the sides of the bowl and mix it up to form thick foam. The mixture should stick on the interior side of the bowl. 

For the siphon jets and the rim, a toothbrush can do the magic as it is small enough to fit. For a more effective clean, soak your paper towel in the soap mixture and get it inside the jets to remove the grime. 

It would be best to let the foam mixture stay for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing and flushing. 

If your toilet bowl has super stubborn stains, some experts recommend the use of a pumice stone. However, you could decide to hire a professional cleaning company, especially if the stains and grime in your toilet are dreadful. 

4. Remove Mineral Build-up in the Bowl

Hard water and mineral build-up can be a menace in your toilet. 

Worse still, you just can’t use a soap mixture and expect to remove the mineral build-up. A combination of borax and vinegar to clean a toilet can deal with the problem. 

You need to remove all the water from the toilet bowl. If you can’t plunge out all the water, use a towel and soak it all out. Add vinegar to the empty bowl and cover all the stains. 

For stains that are along the sides or under the rim, you can place a paper towel soaked in vinegar. Leaving the vinegar overnight gives it ample time to remove the stains. Scrub the following day; you can repeat the process if unsatisfied. 

If your bowl’s interior has accumulated rust, it is highly likely that the mineral in the water system is the culprit. A pumice stone is a perfect way to attack these stains. You can have the stone on a stick to avoid close contact with the bowl.

5. Wipe the Toilet

A recent study established that about 10% of people don’t wash hands after visiting the toilet. 

Just by touching the walls of a toilet, your hands accumulate a host of germs. While it would help to emphasize hand washing after visiting the toilet, ensuring that the toilet surfaces are clean at all times is prudent. 

After cleaning the interior and exterior of the toilet, use a disinfectant and a durable paper towel to clean the surfaces. The floor and the walls can have a host of disease-causing germs. 

The paper towel will clean the possible stains from pee splashbacks and other particles. 

6. Sanitize the Toilet Cleaning Tools

Once you’re done with deep cleaning your toilet, sanitizing the tools is of utmost significance. 

Despite the fatigue, don’t be tempted to store the tools without cleaning. Doing so would encourage harmful bacteria to thrive. 

Pour a cleaning solution or bleach on the toilet brush while it’s in the toilet bowl. Give it a minute before the final rinse. Wash the canister with warm, soapy water. 

Before peeling out your gloves, scrub in the sink with hot, soapy water. Hang them to dry before storing. 

Toilet Cleaning Can Be Overwhelming Yet Fulfilling

When you engage in deep toilet cleaning, the outcome will leave a smile on your face. A clean toilet is quite welcoming. While the process can be long and daunting, it will prevent the formation of stubborn grime, which might affect the overall appeal of this essential room. 

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