The Complete Guide to Cleaning a Living Room

The Complete Guide to Cleaning a Living Room

Your home’s living room is one of the most sacred places in the entire house. It’s the one room where the entire family gets together to play board games, watch movies, and sometimes even enjoy meals. When guests come over, everyone gathers together in the living room and enjoys one another’s company. 

You love your living room, but do you express your love for this room by cleaning it properly? Because the living room receives so much foot traffic, it’s important that cleaning a living room is on the top of your checklist. A clean living room promotes a healthy home, so it’s time to get started. 

Here are a few home cleaning tips you should read up on before conducting a living room cleaning. With this guide handy, you can perform a quick and thorough cleaning of the room. Here’s what you need to know. 

Begin by Decluttering

Before you start any other cleaning task, begin by decluttering. Declutter the entire room by removing anything you don’t need, returning certain items to their rightful places, and tidying up. Once all the clutter’s cleared, you can then start your actual cleaning process. 

Trying to clean a room that’s full of clutter will take you longer and build up frustration. If needed, invest in more storage. You can even consider purchasing furniture items that double as storage, such as a coffee table that lifts up to reveal storage space or an ottoman with a lid that lifts up as well. 

Start From the Top

Now that you’re ready to start cleaning, do be sure to start from the top of the living room and work your way down. You don’t want to start with cleaning tasks for lower surfaces such as the couch or the floors. If you were to clean the couch first and then dust the fans, there’s a good chance that dust will fall onto your freshly-cleaned couch.

This only creates more work for yourself. Instead, start by dusting everything at the top of the room, such as the ceiling, fans, blinds or drapes, and so on. You want to do the same thing for all other cleaning tasks as well, not just dusting. 

Clean Out Bookshelves 

If you have a bookshelf with books and other knick-knacks on it, then you know quickly dust can accumulate on it. Clean out the entire bookshelf by removing everything off of it. Then, dust all the shelves and all of the items you removed from the shelves. 

Don’t forget to dust the top of the bookshelf as well. Return all items once all the dust has been cleared. 

Disinfect Most-Touched Surfaces

It’s one thing to clean and organize a room, but it’s a whole other thing to disinfect it. It’s important to use disinfectant on surfaces in your living room that are touched the most. Items like the remote and tablets should be disinfected. 

Think about any other surface in the room that’s touched most often. You can use a disinfectant spray or wipes to clean them. 

Vacuum Drapes and Upholstery

You can use a duster to dust the drapes in your living room, but a vacuum might make the task a bit easier for you. Use the upholstery tool on the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the drapes and any other upholstery in the living room. This might include your couch or recliner as well. 

Be sure to remove the cushions if possible to vacuum under them. If the cushions are attached, then move them apart as much as you can to vacuum in between them. Any blankets should be washed in the washer machine and then folded once dry. 

Wipe Down Windows and Window Tracks

Use a glass cleaner to spray the windows with before wiping them down. Try to find a streak-free product for the best shine. Don’t forget to wipe down the window tracks also. 

Use an all-purpose cleaner to spray the tracks. If you have sliding glass doors, then use this same technique for them as well. After spraying the tracks, allow the cleaner to sit for several minutes. 

Take a flathead screwdriver wrapped in a cleaning cloth to then clean the dirt and grime out of the tracks. Keep in mind you may need to do this a few times before it comes clean completely.  

Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop the Floors

As you begin to finish all of your living room cleanings, you’ll need to move on to the floors. If you have carpeting in your living room, then you’ll need to vacuum the carpet. You can consider having them shampooed as well. 

Otherwise, sweep, vacuum, and then mop the floors. Don’t forget this step. Any dirt and dust you cleaned off of higher surfaces that may have fallen will need to be cleaned off the floors. 

If you allow shoes in the house, then it’s even more important to sweep, vacuum, and mop thoroughly.  

Cleaning a Living Room Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Cleaning a living room isn’t one simple task to complete. It’s made up of several small cleaning tasks that’ll all need to be done in order for the entire living room to be cleaned. Although it may take some time, once finished, you can relax knowing your living room is free of germs and dust. 

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