Cleaning With Bleach: When Is It Beneficial?

Cleaning With Bleach: When Is It Beneficial?

Germs are microorganisms that are too tiny to see. Even though they are invisible, germs can make you sick if you don’t know how to get rid of them. 

Germs live in your home and on your clothes. If you’re looking for an effective way to keep these places clean, bleach is a great option. Cleaning with bleach is affordable and easy to do once you know how to use it. 

This handy guide covers the benefits of bleach and how you can use it in your cleaning routine. 

What Is Bleach 

Most people are familiar with bleach as a household cleaning product. But what is bleach made of? 

Bleach is a chemical compound used for cleaning and disinfecting. If you want to kill viruses and bacteria, bleach is the chemical to do the job. This characteristic makes it a popular choice for cleaning household surfaces and fabrics. 

There are two main types of bleach that you’ll usually use in cleaning. 

Chlorine Bleach 

This form of bleach is most often found in liquid form. Diluted sodium hypochlorite is the main ingredient in this kind of bleach. 

Chlorine bleach is a powerful disinfecting agent. Most of the time, you’d use this form of bleach for sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces. You can use this bleach on whites but not on colorful clothing, or it will remove the color. 

Because of the strength of this bleach, you need to take care when storing it. It will lose effectiveness faster than oxygen bleach. You also need to keep it in a cool, dark location to keep it from degrading further. 

Oxygen Bleach 

If you want to disinfect colorful laundry, you’d want to use oxygen bleach. This bleach is made from hydrogen peroxide, sodium, and carbon. You usually see this bleach in powdered form that you add water to. 

Oxygen bleach is less particular than chlorine bleach. It will keep its effectiveness for over a year. Oxygen bleach brightens colors and can remove mildew and mold. 

Bleach is a strong chemical, so you must use it carefully. When used correctly, it is safe for most people and surfaces. 

Bleach vs. Other Cleaners 

Choosing the right cleaner for whatever you need to clean is essential. Using the wrong cleaner can result in ineffective cleaning or damage to surfaces. 

Some of these cleaners may be a better option to use than bleach. For example, enzyme cleaners are often used to remove protein-based stains, like blood or urine.

When in doubt, test the cleaner on a small area before using it on the entire surface.

Cleaning With Bleach 

If you’re looking for a powerful cleaning agent, you can’t go wrong with bleach. Whether cleaning your counters or washing your laundry, bleach can help you get the job done right. 

Bleach is an excellent option for cleaning many household surfaces. Always start by looking at the bleach label, but most surface bleach cleans follow a series of similar steps. 

Household Surfaces 

Start by using mild soap and water to pre-wash the surface. Extra grime and dirt will absorb the cleaning power of the bleach if it’s not removed first. 

Make sure to dilute the bleach according to the bottle. Spray the bleach on the surface and let it sit. 

Check the label for the correct amount of contact time before wiping it off. Contact time is how long bleach needs to come into contact with a surface before it fully works. 

Dampen a cloth with warm water. Wipe the solution off and let the area air dry. 


You’ll want to use an oxygen-based bleach for laundry. Clean your laundry using the hottest setting. 

Don’t pack your laundry too close together in the washing machine, or the bleach solution won’t be able to get through all the clothes. 

Bleach Cleaning Tips

Because of the strength of bleach, you have to ensure you know exactly how to use it. Here are a few tips to help you clean with bleach correctly. 

Always read the label before using bleach. This will help you understand the proper dilution ratio and how to use the product safely.

When diluted with a proper amount of water, bleach can clean many different surfaces. Always test the bleach solution on a small area first to make sure it won’t damage the material.

Never mix bleach with other cleaning products. This can release harmful fumes and potentially cause a chemical reaction.

Always ventilate the area when using bleach. Open windows and doors to let fresh air in before you clean. 

When cleaning with chemicals, be sure to wear gloves and eye protection. This will help protect you from any bleach that spills. It will also help you from breathing in the bleach fumes. 

Don’t reuse already mixed bleach solution. Discard any leftover bleach mix when you’re done, and start fresh the next time you need to use bleach. 

Once you’re done cleaning, rinse the area well with warm water. This will remove any residue and help prevent damage.

If bleach is too strong for your needs, there are other natural ways to clean it. Try using a lemon or vinegar as an alternative to bleach. Hanging your laundry in the sun can brighten them and kill bacteria

Keep Your Home Clean by Using Bleach 

Cleaning with bleach is inexpensive and easy to find. Once you know how to use the different types of bleach, you can keep your home and fabrics sparkling. 

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