How to Clean and Organize Your Pantry: A Quick Guide

How to Clean and Organize Your Pantry: A Quick Guide

As spring approaches, many people want to begin spring cleaning projects. Whether it’s cleaning out a closet or remodeling a room, people love to improve their households. 

One of the most necessary spaces to clean is the kitchen pantry. This space is often a hotspot in people’s households. It’s where you store your ingredients, snacks, and other items. 

Unfortunately, though, the pantry is often one of the most disorganized places in the house. So, we recommend that you should organize your pantry as a way to start your spring cleaning.

The question is how to organize your pantry efficiently. If that’s what you’re wondering, don’t worry! We’ll give you the pantry cleaning and organization tips you need in the guide below. 

Organize Your Pantry By Removing Everything

The first step in pantry cleaning is to remove everything from the space. It’s critical to remove everything from the pantry, whether it’s a cabinet or a walk-in pantry. Doing so gives you a few advantages. 

First, clearing out your pantry gives you a clear vision of what you have in the space. You can see every item, along with its expiration date and content level. This gives you a clear idea of what to keep and throw away.

Second, it gives you space to clean the pantry shelves and floor. We’ll talk more about how to clean your pantry in the next section.

Pantry Cleaning Supplies and Methods

How often do you clean your pantry? You may not need an intensive clean if you clean regularly. Wiping down the shelves with a clean cloth and a quick vacuuming job can do the trick. 

However, a deeper clean requires more work. First, we recommend using an environmentally-conscious cleaning solution. These products help you maintain your indoor air quality. 

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank for these. Instead, you can use a white vinegar solution mixed with warm water and a dash of soap. This cleaner produces excellent effects on several types of surfaces. 

Once you have this solution, use it to wipe down your pantry shelves. This step should remove any dust, crumbs, or dried honey in this space. 

Next, break out the vacuum cleaner (if applicable). First, vacuum the floor under the shelves. The floor often suffers the most from spills and crumbs. 

You may benefit from mopping the floor if it’s hardwood or tile. From there, use your vacuum attachments to clean the corners, walls, and undersides of shelves. 

Following these steps should prevent bugs from gathering in your pantry. Sometimes, these become dens for moths, ants, or cockroaches. 

Categorize Your Pantry Items

Once you’ve cleaned the pantry surfaces, turn your attention to the items in your pantry. Start categorizing them in a way that makes sense for your household.

For example, you can group breakfast cereals as one category. Then, another category could be canned vegetables, soups, etc. 

The point of this step is to group items in an accessible and memorable way. This way, you won’t have to tear your pantry apart looking for an ingredient. You’ll know exactly where it is and how to reach it. 

Purging Unused Items

After categorizing items, the next step is to remove unused goods. Start by removing anything from your assortment that’s expired. The last thing you want is to keep expired food in your pantry, as it often brings a bad smell. 

From there, sort through your items for duplicates, nearly emptied chip bags, and stale snacks. There may be several items like these, depending on when you last cleaned. 

It’s up to you what you decide to do with unused items. However, we strongly recommend avoiding throwing non-perishable items away.

Instead, donate these canned or boxed goods to your local food bank or house of worship. This way, people with less access to food can benefit from your cleaning efforts. These charitable donations are also tax deductible. 

Also, keep the seasons in mind when you clean. Several pantries contain Christmas cookies, Valentine’s chocolate, and other seasonal treats. Toss these items out if the holiday has already passed. 

This way, you can clear out unnecessary clutter. Don’t say, “Well, the holidays will come back around in a few months!” Keeping extra foodstuff in the pantry only makes pantry organization harder.

Consider What To Do With Baking Ingredients

Similar to removing holiday treats, consider removing old baking ingredients. Many dry baking products run their course after one year. 

For example, flour and flax often contain oils that can turn with enough time. This turning makes them attractive to pests like ants

If some goods are still salvageable, you can bake with them after cleaning. After all, why not reward yourself for a cleaning effort? 

Otherwise, it’s often best to throw these items away and replace them. Leaving them in the pantry opens yourself to risks.

Keep a Lot of Duplicate and Expired Items

People are often shocked at how many expired goods sit in their pantry. The same holds for duplicate items. 

The truth is, many Americans over-shop for their groceries. This impulse is understandable. After all, it’s better to have too much than too little.

But, cleaning your pantry gives you a more concise view of what you use most. So, as you sort items, keep a log of things you overstock on. You can then use that list to avoid overstocking on those items. 

This tactic helps you save money at the grocery store. Moreover, it also helps you cut down on clutter in your pantry.

Consider Using a Cleaning Service!

These organization tips can go a long way in helping you organize your pantry. Following these strategies can reduce clutter and clean the space more thoroughly. 

But, maybe this cleaning isn’t enough for your purposes. Perhaps you’d prefer a deeper clean for your home that you’re not sure you can provide.

If that’s the case, don’t worry! Others can provide that cleaning for you.

We offer top-notch house cleaning services for busy homeowners. If you want the deepest clean for your house, get a quote from us today! 

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