What is the Best Way to Clean Your Kitchen Floor? A Helpful Guide

What is the Best Way to Clean Your Kitchen Floor? A Helpful Guide

A study by the Hygiene Council found that the average kitchen floor has 830 bacteria per inch compared to 411 on a trash can.

Cleaning a kitchen floor is critical, but many people don’t know how to do it properly. They assume that all types of floors can be cleaned the same way and that there’s no “right way” to mop.

Read our guide to learn the best way to clean your kitchen floor and why you should hire a professional cleaning service to help you.

How To Clean Each Type of Kitchen Floor

Before attempting to clean the kitchen floor, find out what type of material it’s made of. Each type requires a different cleaning routine to prevent damage and keep it sparkling clean.


Rugs, shag, and other types of carpets require regular vacuuming. Try to move with the grain rather than against it to prevent breakage.

You should also perform regular maintenance tasks. Blot out stains before they set and beat rugs outside.

Steam-cleaning is great for carpets and offered by most floor cleaning services.


When cleaning a linoleum kitchen floor, sweep and/or vacuum first to remove dirt and dust.

Mop with a solution of water and mild detergent. Work in sections and make sure your mop isn’t dripping wet. Otherwise, you risk damaging the kitchen floor.

Mop with cool water to remove any remaining soap. You may need to finish with a towel or cloth to remove leftover water.

Another way to clean a linoleum kitchen floor is to fill a spray bottle with your preferred cleaning solution and spray it in sections. Wipe it with a damp microfiber mop and use a cloth or mop to dry.


Laminate is a highly durable material that resembles hardwood but is sturdier and more damage-resistant.

Sweep and/or vacuum the laminate kitchen floor first. Then mop it with a cleaning solution, ensuring that no standing water remains.


Use a microfiber dust mop to clean marble. It’s not as harsh and won’t scratch the surface.

Try not to use vacuums on marble kitchen floors. Their wheels can scratch the surface, and metal attachments can cause even more damage.

Wet mop marble floors to keep them clean, but be sure to use a PH-neutral solution.


Tile comes in several styles and is more durable than hardwood.

Terracotta tiles have their specialized cleaning solutions.

Ceramic tiles require minimal maintenance. Sweep regularly, clean with a mild solution, and wash with warm water.

Whatever type of tile you have, make sure to clean every part of it. Keep the grout clean by sealing it twice a year and scrubbing it regularly.


Cork kitchen floors are porous, making them susceptible to water damage. They require regular maintenance tasks like vacuuming and wiping up spills.

You can clean cork floors in sections with a spray bottle, then go over it with a damp microfiber mop. Avoid traditional cleaning products and create your solution.


Bamboo is an attractive and increasingly popular flooring option. It’s also delicate and prone to damage.

Strand flooring is the most durable bamboo option. It still requires extra care, such as removing scuff marks with a tennis ball.

Clean bamboo kitchen floors with water and a mild, PH-neutral cleaner. Make sure that the mop isn’t too damp and dry the floor immediately with a microfiber cloth.


Stone is easily stained and should be protected with a resin sealant. It’s also important to clean it regularly and carefully.

Spot-treatments specifically made for stone are the best way to remove grease, oil, and other stains.

Avoid cleaners that contain vinegar, bleach, or ammonia. These materials are too acidic and can damage your kitchen floor.

Choose a PH-neutral, non-chelating solution. If your kitchen floor isn’t sealed, use a microfiber mop and hot water. You can also use a steam cleaner for stubborn dirt and stains.


Before cleaning a wooden kitchen floor, determine whether it’s sealed or not. Run your fingers over it, and if it smudges, avoid using water when cleaning the floor to prevent warping and other types of damage.

Vacuum or sweep the floor, then mop it.

There are specialized sealed and unsealed floor cleaners for wooden floors, but simple soap and hot water mixture is usually enough.

Don’t let the mop get soaking wet and move in the direction of the wood grain. Wipe the floor with a cloth if any water remains.

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How to Mop Kitchen Floors

There is a proper way to mop, and it’s an important component of knowing the best way to clean a kitchen floor.

Always sweep and/or vacuum first. Mop in the right direction, careful not to go over an area you’ve just stepped in.

Use two buckets, one for containing your cleaner and one for rinsing your mop. Choose the best cleaning solution for the type of kitchen floor in your home.

You can use dish soap to mop most kitchen floors. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to a bucket of water. The solution works as an effective alternative to detergent and caustic chemicals like bleach.

Dish soap is best on resilient kitchen floors made of materials like linoleum and vinyl. Avoid using it on wood and use with caution on plastic laminate floors, as it can lead to warping and water damage.

Why You Need a Professional Cleaning Service

One of the best ways to clean a kitchen floor is to have a professional do it for you.

Cleaning services can give your kitchen floor and every part of your home the deepest clean it’s ever seen. This can improve your health and save you time.

Check here for more on what to expect from a professional cleaning service and the various benefits they provide.

Where to Find a Professional Cleaning Service

Knowing the best way to clean a kitchen floor requires knowing the material it’s made of. There are several types, and each requires a different cleaning regimen.

When cleaning a kitchen floor, a small mistake can leave longlasting stains and damage. That’s why it’s helpful to hire a professional cleaning service to handle the task for you.

We can help keep your kitchen floor clean no matter what material it’s made of. Browse our range of house cleaning services and get a free estimate today!

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