How to Clean Your Bathroom Efficiently: 7 Key Steps to Take

How to Clean Your Bathroom Efficiently: 7 Key Steps to Take

Did you know that you should be cleaning your bathroom at least once a week? You should actually be cleaning your bathroom every few days. This becomes even more often if you have children in your home.

Cleaning your bathroom may seem like a big undertaking. Depending on the mess in there, it may be.

if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place. We’re breaking this down into seven easy steps for you to follow when you’re cleaning. Keep reading to learn our secrets about how to clean your bathroom so that you can master your bathroom-cleaning ritual.

How to Clean Your Bathroom

You have to think about many things when you’re cleaning your bathroom. There is a toilet and shower among a possible bath and rug.

When you’re cleaning your bathroom, you should take it one step at a time. Don’t rush and be sure to clean everything. You wouldn’t want to miss a crucial step.

Take One Area at a Time

When you’re looking to conquer your bathroom, you need to take everything one step at a time. You should remove everything from your bathroom as you move from one area to the next.

For example, you’ll want to remove the products on your counters if that’s what you’re cleaning. However, some people prefer removing everything from their entire bathroom before cleaning.

You should do whatever makes you feel great about the cleaning process. There is no right answer. Just make sure you get it out of the way.

Going Step By Step

First, you’ll want to sweep your floor. This is the time to get all of the visible dirt and debris off of your floor. You don’t want to mop just yet though. You wouldn’t want to make the floor wet before you start walking around to clean the rest of the floor.

Next, you’ll want to clean your shower and bathtub. Make sure to grab your cleaner and get to work on the shower and the bathtub. This part of your bathroom can take the most work, especially if you’ve got grime built up on the sides.

It may help to apply the cleaner and move onto another area before coming back to clean. This will give the cleaner time to soak in.

You want to be able to see yourself clearly in the mirrors. Be sure to wipe down your mirrors adequately so that you have a pristine look.

Next, clean your counters. This is your main workspace in the bathroom. You want to be sure that this is clean and ready to go. You don’t want to be rushing in the morning because you can’t find anything.

After that, you’ll need to clean your toilet.  This is the grossest part, but it must be done. Grab your scrubber and just get it done.

Finally, you can come back and mop your floor. You should mop from the back to the front so that you aren’t stepping on a wet floor as you exit.

How to Avoid Cleaning Your Bathroom

We know that all of these steps are simple, but they can be overwhelming. Unless you love cleaning, you’re probably not looking forward to any of this.

That’s why we’re here. The experts at TMC Cleaning Services have your back when it comes to how to clean your bathroom.

Get in touch with us today and never clean your bathroom (or any other room) again.

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