7 Useful Tips for a Good Bathroom Deep Clean

7 Useful Tips for a Good Bathroom Deep Clean

The average American spends nearly six hours cleaning their homes each week. What’s more, 34% of those surveyed wonder if they are cleaning enough or not.

Nearly 52% said their least favorite cleaning job is the bathroom.

There’s no surprise there—there’s a lot going on when it comes to the bathroom. You have to clean the toilet, the tub, the shower, the sink. Then, you have to make sure the mirror is spotless and streak-free.

Is it about time for a bathroom deep clean? This guide is for you! Keep reading for seven useful tips for cleaning a bathroom.

1. Start From Top to Bottom

Walk into your bathroom and don’t know what part to tackle first? A simple but effective tip is to start from the top to bottom of a room.

This means start by the highest areas of the room, such as the mirrors and bathroom counter, and leave the floor last since a lot of dirt and dust will end up falling to the floor as your clean.

2. Remove Everything

Before you start cleaning, one useful tip is to remove everything out of the bathroom. This way, you can clean the whole bathroom without having to stop and move items or figure out where to put them.

You can remove the stray toothbrushes, hair product bottles, soap, trash can, and other items. If you have the time, you can also organize your bathroom drawers and cabinets.

3. Round up Your Cleaning Supplies

Another bathroom deep clean tip is to gather all your cleaning supplies before you start the job. This way, you won’t be running to and from your cleaning cabinet gathering cleaners or extra microfiber cloths.

4. Deep Clean Shower Head With a Vinegar Soak

You can deep clean your shower head by filling a plastic bag with white vinegar. Then, you can take the bag and submerge the showerhead in it. Next, you can tie it and have the showerhead soak in the white vinegar overnight.

5. Let Cleaners Stand

For areas that need a little extra cleaning, such as the bathtub or inside the toilet, spray with a cleaner and let it stand. You can do other cleaning jobs in the bathroom while you wait such as cleaning the mirror and wiping down the sink.

6. Wipe Down Daily

It may seem like it’s extra work, but by doing simple daily cleaning tasks, you can keep your bathroom tidy and clean for longer.

If possible, use disinfecting wipes to wipe down the toilet seats, faucets, and counter daily. This will make it easier when you do your deep-cleaning sessions because there will be less grime and dirt to scrub away.

7. Clean Easily Forgotten Parts

Wondering what the germiest part of your bathroom is? It’s actually not the toilet.

The germiest spot is your toothbrush holder. The second germiest area is the faucet handle. When cleaning your bathroom, make sure to clean these easy to miss places such as the toothbrush holder, the faucet, and other areas such as the doorknob.

Final Tips for a Bathroom Deep Clean

A bathroom deep clean may seem like an overwhelming task, but sometimes you just need a plan to get started. Gather up all your cleaning supplies, set aside some free time, and get to work.

However, you can also get some help by hiring cleaning services. Ready to have a clean and shiny home? Contact us today for a personalized cleaning quote to get started.

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