5 Spectacular House Cleaning Tips to Cut Down on Dust

5 Spectacular House Cleaning Tips to Cut Down on Dust

Almost 80% of households spring clean every year. Unfortunately, cleaning once a year won’t keep the dust at bay. Instead, you need a plan to minimize dust year-round.

Otherwise, dust can contribute to allergies, leaving your entire family stifling and sneezing.

For a thorough clean, you’ll need more than a little dusting, though. Here are five spectacular house cleaning tips that can help. With these tips, you can keep away the dust and improve your family’s health.

Start cleaning with these easy tips today!

1. Declutter

First, take the time to walk through every room in your home. Do you see any items you can throw out? Consider tossing away unnecessary clutter.

Otherwise, give every time in your home its own space. When you use it, make sure to put it back in its designated area. Leaving items throughout your home gives dust a chance to collect.

Staying organized will help you feel more efficient. Meanwhile, you can take a deep breath of the clean air in your home.

As you declutter, use the rest of these house cleaning tips to minimize dust and keep your home clean.

2. Use a HEPA Vacuum

A high-quality HEPA vacuum can help you clear away the dust. There are even dust particles you can’t see with the naked eye. A strong HEPA vacuum will clean away the dust, allergens, pet dander, and other harmful particles.

Look for a HEPA vacuum that comes with attachments. Using the attachments will help you clear away dust in nooks and crannies.

3. Work Top to Bottom

As you clean each room, start from the top and work your way down. Any dust overhead will fall to the floor. Instead of doubling your work, you can finish your dusting by cleaning the debris that’s fallen to the ground.

In a rush? Try these tips for quick cleaning.

4. Update Your Filters

As you use these home cleaning tips, don’t forget to examine your HVAC or furnace filters. Use a strong filter with a high MERV rating. These filters will collect allergens, dust, and pollen to clear the air.

That way, you can breathe without worrying about pollen triggering your allergies.

5. Maintain a Schedule

As you begin using these tips, make sure to stick to a schedule. Remember, it’s not enough to clean once a year. Instead of “spring cleaning,” try to schedule a weekly clean.

The average family in the US spends about $50 a month on cleaning supplies. Try using green cleaning products that don’t contain chemicals. Make sure to put your supplies (and these cleaning tips) to good use!

If there’s a lot on your house cleaning to-do list, break up your routine. Clean room by room, tackling one room each day. That way, you can see your progress and get the entire house done in a few days.

Deter Dust: 5 Helpful House Cleaning Tips for Dust-Free Living

Live life dust-free! With these five house cleaning tips, you can clear the air and keep dust at bay. Start dusting up and get your home sparkling clean with these tips today!

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