5 Amazing Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Fake a Clean Home

5 Amazing Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Fake a Clean Home

There is nothing quite like a completely clean house. You know that kind of deep clean that comes when you clean from top to bottom. The bathrooms and kitchen are cleaned, scoured, and disinfected, surfaces all dusted and floors crumb-free and spotless.

Yet, the truth is that kind of deep cleaning takes time that sometimes real life doesn’t allow for. Maybe you’re about to have friends stop by, or your mother-in-law is coming for dinner. You need to clean things and quickly.

Read on for some cleaning tips and tricks so your house looks decent even if you don’t have time for that perfect deep clean.

1. Quick Declutter

You might not have time to work your way through the house and pick up and put away everything the permanent way. But if you need your house clean fast, you need a strategy for a quick declutter.

Set a timer for say 20 or 30 minutes. (You know how much time you can spare). Then work your way through your rooms one by one grabbing anything that is causing clutter. If you don’t have time to put them away right away, you can always gather them in a laundry basket.

Get pillows from the sofa back in place. Grab the pile of mail you’ve been meaning to open and other piles of papers that collect. Put away toys or oddball clothing lay around like the sweatshirt you threw over the back of the chair four days ago.

2. Make Your Bed

While your guests might not go into your bedroom, you feel like it’s cleaner if you take the few minutes it takes to make the bed. Pull those covers up and get them arranged properly on the bed.

All those throw pillows that get piled on the floor while you sleep can get back arranged on the bed. Even if there are other things in the bedroom that could use some tidying, the focal point of the room is tidy and looking better.

3. Address Flat Surfaces

These are the places in your house that collect belongings, dust fingerprints. If you have side tables and a coffee table, grab some all-purpose cleaner and a rag clean them off.

If you have any dark wood surfaces, dust them. Clean any glass surfaces, including a window by the front door that might have fingerprints, take the glass cleaner, and get them wiped down.

4. Vacuum

If you are in a pinch for time, you might not have time to properly clean all your floors or carpets. But use the same strategy as you did for decluttering.

Set a timer and go like crazy with the vacuum. Start with rooms where you know guests might enter, like the living room. If you have tile or wood floors, you can even quickly run the vacuum over those surfaces for a quick clean.

5. Counters

It’s amazing the difference a cleaned off counter can make in helping your kitchen look presentable. You can do the same thing in your bathrooms.

Now it might not be a deep clean, but when the counters are rid of crumbs, fingerprints, or other spots, it makes the whole space look more presentable.

Use These Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Use these cleaning tips and tricks if you need to get your house clean and quickly. Maybe you don’t have guests coming, but you are tired of the mess.

It might not be a deep clean but if you take an hour your house can look a whole lot more presentable.

If you need some help getting your house clean, we can help. Check out our cleaning services. We offer a variety of cleaning options and can get you a free quote too.

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